Recommended Photographers

Every photographer has their strength and specialties. It is always a good idea to stick to doing what you do well. People often ask me if I photograph newborns, high school seniors, or maternity, I tell them no I don’t but I know someone who does. Here are a few photographers that we recommend on a regular biases.

Barbara Spencer Photography


For newborns or infants Barb Spencer Photography is awesome. A stroll through her gallery will tell you more about her ability than I ever could. You can also find her on facebook here.

Trenna Fowler


Trenna is amazing with seniors. It is not as easy as one would think to make a teen on the edge of adulthood look natural and happy as well capture a little of their personality. You can see in Trenna’s portfolio that she does it well. You can also find her on face book here.




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  1. Barb says:

    Ken, thanks so much for the kudos here! It’s true what you say about specializing. When I get inquiries, I encourage people to find a photographer who specializes in what they are looking for and Seniors and Weddings are not my strength. If they’re looking for a Newborn or infant photographer, I encourage them to find one whose work they love and invest in them, even if it’s not me. I want people to love the experience as well as the finished artwork. I’m enjoying watching you grow as an artist, Ken. Your work is beautiful!

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