Introducing Creative Date Night


I have had the idea of a creative date night session in my head for a long time and now it is a reality. Our Creative date night includes a photography session where we collaborate to make some fun, dramatic, personal, photographs of the two of you.

Included is a video I am calling “The Story of Us” where I interview each one of you separately  for about 5 minutes about how you fell in love. After I edit the two stories together  I send you the video to be enjoyed by just the two of you or to be shared with your friends and family.    You can see an example below.

The last part is an exchange of hand written love letters. Don’t worry , if you haven’t written a love letter in a while, I  have a wonderful framework to help you put the love in the letters.



IMG_2175 IMG_3245 IMG_4509 IMG_4406 IMG_6233 IMG_6348

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